66 Tour

Although Route 66 has been bypassed, and the remains are all in bits and pieces scattered over eight states, there many parts of Route 66 that are still worth exploring.

Our 3 day tours focus on western Arizona, and the longest stretch of uninterrupted Route 66 that is still in existence. Including the world famous “Mohave Rattlesnake” , which is the twistiest section of Route 66, with 222 curves in only 10 miles, that was the inspiration behind the Disney film “Cars”. HANG ON, and don’t blink!!!

On your tour, we also stop at, and point out several filming locations from the classic movie Easy Rider. Your guide gives you some history, and interesting facts about the different areas and points of interest along the way.

We will be running 2 scheduled tours in the Spring, and 2 in the Fall. These tours will be open to all riders, and individual riders are welcome to sign up. Please note, we must have a minimum of 2 registered riders to proceed with the tour. If you pay for the tour, and we do not have at least two riders register, we will refund your money, or credit you for a future tour. Your choice. Cost is $120 per rider, $40 per passenger.

Tours are also available for private groups, and/or other times of year, based upon request. We have a 2 rider minimum for our tours, and we can book groups up to 50 riders. Cost is $120 per rider, $40 per passenger.

Your tour includes:

  • A personal tour guide for 3 days.
  • Camping for up to 3 nights at the Saddle Sore Ranch.
  • Campfire cookout each night at the Saddle Sore Ranch.
  • Souvenir patch from the Saddle Sore Ranch.

Motorcycle rentals are available if needed, for an additional cost. Check for tour availability, or book your reservation by calling or texting Rob at 424-322-0505