River Run

During the dates of the River Run, we host our own event.

ONLY $30 PER PERSON, includes free tent camping, free motorcycle parking and free beer (while it lasts).

***Click HERE for tickets***

Additional fees for RV’s and Trailers. 

An alternative place to stay for those looking for a little something different. SSR is a “neutral zone”, unaffiliated with any club. An old school, biker owned and biker operated campground featuring nightly campfire parties. The turn off to the Ranch is just over the hill, east of Laughlin and Bullhead City.  A fun, old school biker spot with camping, cookouts, biker games, entertainment, and lots of great riding. Come ride the Mohave Rattlesnake (222 curves in 10 miles), and adventure bike riders can hit the Nevada BDR. Also check out the mining town of Oatman, get your “kicks on Route 66”, or ride up to nearby Hualapai Mountain just outside of Kingman. So, if you already have enough t-shirts, come party at our place during the River Run. We are close enough that you can always ride into Laughlin during the day if you choose to, then back to the Ranch for the party. Main event area is for 21 and up only, after 9pm. If you MUST bring kids, please have them tucked away, or back at your campsite by 9pm… Camping is based on availability. If you would like to arrange to camp at SSR, please contact Rob at 424-322-0505

There is plenty of tent camping all over the property, and also a separate RV area on the east side, but our only “hook-ups” are between consenting adults! Car parking is available in some areas. The main area of “town” is for motorcycles only. Side-by-sides, golf carts and 4 wheelers are allowed in “town”, but may not park in the “Motorcycle Only Parking” areas.

The seclusion is part of the appeal at the Saddle Sore Ranch. It allows us to have a great time, and make amazing memories, without disturbing any neighbors and without having nosey neighbors disturb us. To date, we have had thousands of people at the ranch, from around the world. They come on motorcycles, trikes, cars, trucks, rv’s, motorhomes, etc. All without issue. However, please be advised that due to the road conditions in certain areas, for extended length rv’s, motorhomes or vehicles pulling extended length trailers, high clearance is recommended.


The turn off to the Saddle Sore Ranch from the north is only 19 miles east of Laughlin, on Highway 68. The turn off from the south side is only 13 miles east of Oatman on Route 66 (Oatman Road). The Saddle Sore Ranch is the perfect place to stay during the River Run if you like to enjoy the outdoors and lots of privacy. A true “old school” type biker area.

The Ranch includes an outdoor bar (b.y.o.b), horseshoe pits, a bonfire pit, campfire rings, bbq grills, picnic tables, small “general store” and more…

Camping is based on availability. If you would like to arrange to camp at SSR, please contact Rob at 424-322-0505 or Rob@BikerAtlas.com


WARNING: Neither Biker Atlas, Saddle Sore Ranch, nor any of it’s owners, staff, partners, sponsors or affiliates are responsible for:

  • Personal Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Old Lady in wrong tent
  • Old Man in wrong tent
  • Pregnancies
  • Weddings
  • Divorces
  • Lost Spouses
  • Lost Property
  • Lost Virginity

The main roads leading to SSR are UNPAVED, but maintained and graded by the county. The ranch is owned and operated by bikers and although the roads are unpaved, the Ranch is easily accessible by truck, SUV or motorcycle. “Trailer Queens”, however, may want to stay away.  

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please email us by CLICKING HERE.