Rolling Stones

Will the Rolling Stones help save Historic Route 66?

“100 year anniversary of Route 66 starring The Rolling Stones at the Saddle Sore Ranch on Route 66” – GOLDEN VALLEY, ARIZONA.

In April of 1964 they sang “Get your kicks on Route 66”. It’s the song that made them famous in the USA, as well as Europe. That was 56 years ago it’s a great opportunity to pay homage to the road that took their careers in the USA to stardoms.

The Rolling Stones singing “Get your kicks on Route 66”, actually sung ON ROUTE 66, as we approach the 100th anniversary of ROUTE 66. Not to mention, in the state with the longest remaining, uninterrupted stretch of ROUTE 66 still in existence today, and the biggest supporter of Route 66 history, Arizona…. At the Saddle Sore Ranch.

How much press and support would this performance bring to the preservation of Historic Route 66 across the United States and around the world, as we approach the 100 year anniversary of Route 66 and the 80th anniversary of the writing of the song by Bobby Troup?

WILL THIS ACTUALLY HAPPEN?? Granted, it is a long shot… But we are gonna do all we can to make it happen. We are pretty relentless in our pursuits. We have already surpassed many enormous obstacles that we never thought we would achieve, so we are gonna go for it. We are betting they will see the nostalgia and historic impact this would leave not only for them, but for the community, the preservation of Route 66 and future generations to come. Stopping by and performing “Route 66” at the Saddle Sore Ranch on Route 66 all these years after the song helped make them famous, would bring them full circle.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Share this post as much as you can. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. Let’s go viral with it. If nothing else, they will see our plea, and hopefully their hearts will be their guides.

THEN WHAT?? Well, hopefully they will reach out to us at 424-322-0505 or and we can make this happen.

Come on Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charles Robert Watts, also known as Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood… Help us save America’s most beloved roadway, while making history. Do a big show, do a small show, just play the one song or just show up to shake some hands and take some photos. We have an international airport less than 30 miles away, and we are building a helicopter pad at the ranch just for you!!! If time is an issue, you could land at the airport, helicopter over, make your appearance, and be gone in less than an hour. You could do all of this during your upcoming US tour if it makes it more convenient.

If you accept our invitation, we will donate proceeds to the Historical Route 66 Preservation Society in an effort to keep the road, the culture and it’s historical value intact for future generations to learn about and enjoy. Contact Rob Borden at 424-322-0505 or