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Work continues at SSR, as we are clearing the land, cleaning the travel trailer and lining “town square” with rocks. We are also designating some “Motorcycle Parking Only” areas. We had our first campout there in mid September, and it was lots of fun. Several bikes made the ride to the ranch, and no issues. We cooked out on one of the barbecue grills, and had two of fire pits going. One was a huge bonfire with flames reaching 30 to 40 feet.

Currently the ranch has a 34 foot travel trailer, some extra tents, 3 fire pits, 2 barbecue grills and several tables and chairs. We also have a generator and a P.A. system we can bring to the ranch for special events. Primitive camping is available. The outdoor bar should be done within the next two months. There is also a separate RV area on the east side. No hookups, but generators are welcomed. Cage parking is available on the west side. Tent camping is on the north side.

The main area of “town” is for motorcycles only. Side-by-sides, golf carts and 4 wheelers are allowed in “town”, but may not park in the “Motorcycle Only Parking” areas. The main road on the property makes a big loop, with an “alley” traversing in the middle and running right behind the outdoor bar. During special events, this part of the road is called “Titty Alley”. You may experience partial female nudity there…