“You’ll be welcomed to the Saddle Sore Ranch with a “moo” from the dozen or so cows roaming the area with their calves. The property lies next to BLM land with curious cattle ranging freely – they came over to the site upon our arrival to see who the newcomers were. Saddle Sore Ranch is a great place to celebrate with a group…” ~ Kristen.

“The roads are graded gravel and dirt, I wouldn’t have hesitated to ride my Road King back there, as long as I knew there was really something back there. There most definitely is. I’m just amazed by the whole thing. Great camping spot, great day and I’m thinking “You can’t make this shit up”. I never imagined I’d be spending the night in an old VW bus. I slept the best I have in years. The place has a good vibe. …” ~ Charles C.

There is plenty of tent camping all over the property, and also a separate RV area on the east side. Our only “hookups” are between consenting adults, but generators are welcomed. Cage parking is available in some areas. The main area of “town” is for motorcycles only. Side-by-sides, golf carts and 4 wheelers are allowed in “town”, but may not park in the “Motorcycle Only Parking” areas.

The seclusion is part of the appeal at the Saddle Sore Ranch. It allows us to have a great time, and make amazing memories, without disturbing any neighbors and without having nosey neighbors disturb us. To date, we have had thousands of people at the ranch, from around the world. They come on motorcycles, trikes, cars, trucks, rv’s, motorhomes, etc. All without issue. However, please be advised that due to the road conditions in certain areas, for extended length rv’s, motorhomes or vehicles pulling extended length trailers, high clearance is recommended.

Our property is open to everyone that can show mutual respect. All bikes, riders, guests and colors. We will show you, your friends and your club the same level of respect that you show to us, our property and our guests. That is, until someone screws it up for everyone. Which is when we will have to put limitations on who can attend our functions. Until that time, Party On (respectfully), and remember, just because you see or hear of a function at SSR, it does not indicate any affiliation. SSR is a neutral zone, unaffiliated with any club.

WANT TO COME TO ONE OF OUR PARTIES, BUT DON’T WANT TO CAMP? The Saddle Sore Ranch is located between the cities of Kingman, AZ and Laughlin, NV which are only about 15 miles away. Both cities offer all of the services you may want. Including hotels, shopping, dining, WalMart and more… Laughlin is on the Colorado River, and also offers Las Vegas style casinos and gambling.

The Ranch includes an outdoor bar (b.y.o.b), stage, horseshoe pits, a bonfire pit, campfire rings, bbq grills and more…

When not in use for one of our parties, use of the ranch is donated to organizations including the Boy Scouts Of America, St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and Big Brothers Big Sisters for any outtings or trips they would like to do. Furthermore, we support many veteran’s organizations, and donate use of the ranch to them for any events or fundraisers they wish to have.

The roads that lead to the Saddle Sore Ranch are UNPAVED. Guests should ONLY follow the roads that are listed on the map WE provide.
This will ensure that you are on roads that are fully graded and maintained by the county for most of the way there. The final drive into the ranch is on a road that is not maintained, but very easily passable by motorcycle, car, truck, suv, rv, motorhome, etc…. This part is only about 1/2 of a mile, and due to road conditions at some points, higher clearance is recommended for extended length trailers, rv’s or motorhomes.
The seclusion is part of the appeal of the Saddle Sore Ranch. Being remote, and outside of city limits, and on private property, allows us the privacy to have some amazing parties. We hope to see you at the next one!!!

While at SSR, there are lots of things to do in the area. Shopping, restaurants, fast food, and nightlife can all be found in nearby Kingman or Laughlin. There is lots of great riding in the area for street bikes, cruisers and adventure bikes alike. Come ride the “Mohave Rattlesnake” with it’s 222 curves in under 10 miles. Adventure bike riders can come experience the Nevada BDR which starts just down the road from SSR in Oatman, AZ.