Welcome to the Saddle Sore Ranch. We are an old school, bare bones, off grid event venue, located at milepost 36.5 on Historic Route 66 in Golden Valley, AZ. When not in use for one of our events, we make the use of our property available to organizations such as Boy Scouts Of America, St Judes Children’s Hospital, Big Brother Big Sister and more, completely free of charge.

If you are planning a trip to SSR, here are a few things you need to know before you come… Knowing these things will help ensure that you show up with the right expectations.

*We are not your local Hooters. We don’t have smoothly paved parking lots, or curbside service.

*Our driveway and paths within our property are dirt. The further you go, back into our property, the more attention you will need to pay to the terrain. You may encounter soft dirt, large rocks or deep ruts. Those that pay attention, have nothing to worry about. If you are uncomfortable on unpaved, uneven terrain, vehicles can park in our front parking area, and motorcycles can park up by the main pavilion, and you can walk from there. Everything (including camping) is within walking distance.

*We are not your local Starbucks. We don’t have fancy coffees that no one cares how to spell.

*We are not inside a Geodome. We are subject to the weather Mother Nature gives us. It may get hot, cold, windy, dusty, rainy, etc.

*We are not the KOA. We don’t have cute, well manicured lawns, or shuffleboard…

*We are an old school, bare bones, off grid, dry camping, outdoor event venue on private property, in the Arizona desert.

*If any of that bothers you, don’t come…. You won’t enjoy it….Our place isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok. We don’t take it personal, and neither should you. We just want to make sure that if you DO show up, you have the right expectations.


*A positive attitude, an open mind, and RESPECT for our property and ALL of our guests. Respect is NOT optional.

*Plastic or aluminum containers only. NO GLASS.

*If you are camping onsite, some basic camp gear. Some just choose to snooze where they fall, but most of us like to have at least a small tent, a sleeping pad, a sleeping bag and maybe even a change of clothes. Check the weather.

*We generally see a 30 to 40 degree difference between daytime highs, and nighttime lows. We have a large bonfire nightly for warmth, camaraderie and fun.

*Clothing appropriate to above temperature ranges is always good, and layering is key.

*If you want your own campfire, bring your own firewood. Our woodpiles are for OUR campfires ONLY.

*At events, food & drink will be available from vendors.

*Showers, Ice, and Laundry are available at the RV park just east of SSR. Their usual hours are Mon & Tue 9am to 1pm, Wed 1pm to 5pm, Thu & Sat 9am to 1pm. However they sometimes close early if business is slow. In which case, see below.

*Showers are also available at Crazy Fred’s Truck Stop 24 hours, along with FUEL and any other convenience store type items you may want. It’s approximately 12 miles from SSR to Crazy Fred’s Truck Stop.

*We will have a generator providing light at the main pavilion after dark but if you plan on being there after dark, or camping overnight, bring a flashlight for when you venture away from the main area.

*Porta potties will be provided during our events. Sometimes toilet paper gets scarce, so it’s not a bad idea to bring a personal supply.

*We are club friendly. We will show you and your club the same level of respect that you show to our property and our guests. Respect is NOT optional.

*If you are going to be an a-hole, and start problems, bring bail money.

*Last, but not least, wear your party pants, or don’t wear any pants at all.