LOOKING FOR SOUVENIRS??? We have several souvenirs that bear our name. Proceeds from any souvenirs go towards property improvements, maintenance and expenses. We support American small businesses and local artisans whenever possible. Most of our souvenirs are homemade and handcrafted, right here in the USA. Local pickup of these souvenirs is available at the Saddle Sore Ranch.

We also feature occasional LIMITED STOCK items. These may be limited runs, promotional items and “top shelf” items that we only get very few of, and will probably not be available ever again after we run out. If you see something you like, get it NOW.

As we run across new, unique items we like, we add them to our gift shop as well. That means that our collection of merchandise is constantly changing. So, check back often for new items. Thanks for supporting us, and the small businesses that we support.


TSHIRTS & APPAREL – Our tshirt and apparel line can vary. Some of our designs are only available thru our third party tshirt maker. They offer many different designs, product styles and colors… Men’s, women’s, kid’s, pet’s, short sleeve, long sleeve, tanks, hoodies and more. Other shirts and products in our store are limited production items, and will be listed below. Including limited run apparel and items.

To be redirected to our third party tshirt site, and browse a large collection, CLICK HERE. This will open a new browser window that will take you away from our site. To return to our site afterwards, just close out that browser window. For our “Limited Production” items, scroll down on this page.

SSR VIP CARD – Your donation for the SSR VIP card gets you FOUR free party admissions (including optional onsite tent camping), and a $25 bar tab. Admissions can be used at four separate parties by the cardholder, OR all at the same party by the cardholder and a few friends. However you want to split it up. Card never expires until it is completely used up. Over a $200 value.

$100 each, includes shipping.


3″ diameter.

$7 each, includes shipping.

CAN KOOZIES – A crowd favorite. Get your SSR Koozies here. Complete with a special message on the bottom, but we are gonna let that part be a surprise. These are LIMITED PRODUCTION, and this design may no longer be available after we sell out of them.

$7 each, includes shipping. OUT OF STOCK

THE “ORIGINAL” SSR POKER CHIPS – These are LIMITED PRODUCTION, and this design may no longer be available after we sell out of them. Each chip has the SSR logo on one side, and the chopper on the other.

$7 each, includes shipping.

SSR / ROUTE 66 BANDANA – Oversized, 27″ custom printed bandana featuring the SSR logo, and the Route 66 100th Anniversary commemorative shield. Available in several colors.

$12 each, includes shipping. (OUT OF STOCK)

PLAYING CARDS – Custom made, one of a kind playing cards. Includes 2 jokers. This is a specialty item, not mass produced.


$22 each, includes shipping. SOLD OUT

GUITAR PICKS – Medium thickness, mother of pearl design. This is a LIMITED PRODUCTION ITEM.

$2 each, includes shipping.

POST CARD – “BILLY THE KID may have SLEPT HERE but he probably didn’t.” This postcard idea sure did tickle our funny bone. Text on the back talks about the Saddle Sore Ranch, and also includes spot for stamp and mailing address. LIMITED PRODUCTION ITEM.

$2 each, includes shipping.

SSR KEYCHAIN – Die cut, plastic keychain with SSR logo printed on the inside. Measures approximately 2″ in diameter.

$3 each, includes shipping.

NEON CLOCK – This vibrant blue, 11″ neon clock boasts the SSR logo front and center. The hour markers are a combination of SSR insignia, and the “Route 66 Commemorative – 100 Year” shield. This is a unique item, and we never have more than a few in stock.

$75 each, includes shipping.

LEATHER WALLET w/ CHAIN – Genuine leather biker wallet, with chain and belt loop. Bi-fold with id window, zipper pocket and cash dividers. All artwork is custom engraved into the soft leather for a very high quality, long lasting product. This is a special order item.

$75 each, includes shipping. (OUT OF STOCK)

SHOT GLASS SET – Two laser etched shot glasses, in a custom, laser etched wooden case. This is a premium product for SSR, and it is a special order. Perfect to display in your liquor cabinet, or for that special occasion.

$75 each, includes shipping.

THE BADGE – Coveted by many, yet possessed by only a select few. Previously unavailable to the public, until now, due to extreme demand. This is the ultimate piece of SSR swag. Comes in an antique silver finish. Each badge is custom made, one by one.

$99 each, includes shipping.

If you would like to make a donation towards our Route 66 efforts, property improvements and upkeep, you may do so by clicking on the link below. Thank you in advance.

If you experience any issues with the donation link, call us at 424-322-0505.